Water Resources

The southeastern United States has a diverse array of water resources that varies by geographic location. Surface water resources dominate in some areas while groundwater resources dominate in others.

Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC provides focused water resources services for groundwater development, as well as surface water modeling for flows and nutrient loading rates within watersheds. We are uniquely qualified to provide water well diagnostics, trouble shooting and long-term performance monitoring to assure optimal performance from water supply wells.Out groundwater studies take advantage of our GIS capabilities and well as our experience in groundwater modeling, drilling and logging of test wells, well design and pumping tests to determine production well capacity.Our groundwater vulnerability assessments take advantage of powerful GIS tools to assess both karst and non-karst environments using models such as DRASTIC or EPIK, along with other tools to identity potential threats to water quality.

Video Logging

Hydrogeological Assessments

Hydrogeological assessments range from well siting studies, including lineament and fracture mapping; groundwater recharge assessment; water availability analysis and pumping tests to determine well capacity. Southeast Hydrogeology specializes in bedrock environments, including karst, which can often be complex and difficult to characterize.

Well Diagnostics and Performance Monitoring

Over time, well performance can be reduced from factors such as biofouling, mineral incrustations and filter pack plugging with fines. Corrosion and other aging issues can also impact well performance. Southeast Hydrogeology is well versed in a wide range of diagnostic tools for troubleshooting well performance issues. Development of key performance indicators for each well allow tracking of well performance to determine optimal well rehabilitation schedules.

Video Logging

Video logging is, without exception, the most useful all around tool for performing diagnostics on water wells.Our equipment is capable of logging wells to depths of up to 1,000 feet with both downward and side facing cameras for optimal evaluation of the casing and screen.

Services Include

  • Hydrogeological Assessments
  • Well Siting Studies
  • Recharge Analysis
  • Pumping Tests and Analysis
  • Spring Water Assessments
  • Karst Vulnerability Studies
  • Fracture and Lineament Mapping
  • Water Well Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Well Performance Monitoring
  • Well Video Logging
  • Source Capacity Assessment
  • Water Availability Analysis
  • Source Water Protection Assessments
  • Surface-Groundwater Interaction
  • Surface Water Flow and TMDL Modeling
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