About Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC

Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC was founded by Thomas E. Ballard, a hydrogeologist with experience throughout the United States in groundwater geology, environmental consulting and mining geology. The goal of Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC is provide high quality specialized services in the areas of groundwater resources development, environmental consulting, water well diagnostics and geographic information systems. To provide the best depth of experience and highest quality solutions in these areas, Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC employs a business model that utilizes a small core staff together with outside experts who participate on a project-by-project basis as their particular skill set is required. This model allows us to bring a quality of service and breadth of expertise to our small to medium size clients that is only rivaled by larger national firms, yet without the high overhead these firms have built into their pricing.
Principal Hydrogeologist

About the Principal

Thomas E. Ballard PG, CHG

Principal Hydrogeologist

Thomas E. Ballard is Principal Hydrogeologist at Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC. He is a Professional Geologist in Tennessee and California and a Certified Hydrogeologist in California. He received a B.A. in Geology from the University of Montana and an M.B.A. from the University of Colorado.Mr. Ballard started his geology career in the precious metals mining industry before transitioning to environmental and water resources work. In addition to consulting, he provides training for the California Rural Water Association on the topics of diagnosing and solving problems with water wells and is consistently their top-rated trainer. In addition, he has provided training for a variety of governmental agencies, national associations, state utility associations, trade groups and private companies on various topics centered around water resources development and water wells.