Environmental consulting

Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC has the expertise and experience to provide environmental solutions to business and industry, including real estate investors and developers, industrial operations, dry cleaning business, retail petroleum sites, and lending institutions.

Our experience covers a wide range of environmental issues including solid waste facilities, metals-impacted sites, chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and dioxins in soil and groundwater, as well as emerging compounds of concern that could potentially impact water supplies.

Our sampling programs, whether it be for surface water, groundwater or soil, are designed on a statistical basis to gain the data needed while saving on time and expenses.

We are experienced site closure specialists and are often able to close sites on time and under budget.

Commercial and Industrial Real Estate transactions often require at least a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment prepared to the ASTM E 1527-13 and USEPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standards to determine the potential for the site to be impacted by hazardous materials and provide the property purchaser the innocent landowner defense under the CERCLA (Superfund) laws. This environmental due diligence is often required by the lender in the real estate transaction to safe-guard against impairment of the value of the real estate collateral and safe guard the lending institution, as well as the buyer, from environmental liabilities for existing environmental conditions at the property.

We can create a custom due diligence report based on a specific work scope. This may be useful in situations where a Phase I ESA is required but the site is generally low risk for environmental issues. Conversely, more complex sites may require a scope of work that goes beyond the ASTM E 1527 standard.

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Environmental Assessments

Southeast Hydrogeology’s experience in environmental site assessments encompasses soil, soil gas and groundwater assessments for underground storage tank sites, dry cleaners and other industrial sites. Our experience with the complex geologic conditions of the Southeastern U.S. can help define the extent of contamination without extensive rounds of investigations.

Environmental Remediation

The proper choice and design of remediation technology for cleaning up soil and groundwater contamination can substantially affect both time frame costs to clean up a site. Southeast Hydrogeology prides ourselves on our experience of getting sites cleaned up and closed in the shortest time frame possible.

Soil Vapor Intrusion

Assessments to determine the risk of soil vapor intrusion from subsurface contamination can be much more challenging than soil and groundwater assessments due to the erratic nature of soil vapor, which can be affected by many factors such as precipitation and barometric pressure.A sound soil vapor intrusion study takes all these factors into account and then defines the risk of unacceptable indoor air concentration due to the presence of contaminants in soil vapor and the nature of their infiltration into buildings.

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