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Groundwater-Focused Water Resources Consulting

About Us

Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC provides high quality hydrogeological consulting services to California and the Southeastern United States. We provide services in the areas of water resources development, mainly focused on groundwater; systematic well management; spring water development; and, geographic information systems. Some of our specialty services focus on karst and other fractured rock geology and include well siting studies, fracture studies, karst vulnerability studies and well diagnostics and troubleshooting. We maintain a downhole camera setup for video logging of water wells – an important tool in water well diagnostics. We also conduct online and onsite training on a variety of topics associated with groundwater and wells.

Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC focuses on providing services to small to medium-size clients, including water utilities, City and County utility agencies, real estate developers, commercial real estate brokers, agricultural operations, wineries and a variety of small businesses.
Southeast Hydrogeology’s relationships with outside experts allows us to bring high quality resources to even the most challenging situations without the high overhead of large, nation-wide consulting firms. 

Our Services

water resources

From alluvial aquifers to fractured bedrock aquifers, our groundwater-focused approach allows us to address each site’s unique hydrogeologic conditions to perform new water well siting studies, spring water assessments, karst vulnerability studies and more.
Our agricultural consulting services focus around agricultural water resources development, crop health analysis and soil nutrient and moisture assessment.

Systematic Well Management

The Systematic Well Management approach treats a water supply well as a valuable asset throughout its entire life, from initial well siting studies, design and construction, through routine diagnostics and well rehabilitation to maintain well health and on to eventual well replacement.  This method allows for proper planning and budgeting to maintain a productive well while minimizing its life-cycle costs.

Environmental Consulting

We have the expertise and experience to provide environmental solutions to business and industry, including real estate investors and developers, industrial operations, dry cleaning business, retail petroleum sites, and lending institutions.

Geographic Information Systems

Spatial analysis of data is absolutely critical to assess issues such as contaminant migration in the subsurface, groundwater vulnerability mapping, water resources development and watershed management. Utility asset management is most efficient when all assets are properly located and categorized within a GIS system.

The specialty consulting firm advantage

As many of our clients have discovered, there are distinct advantages to using a specialty consulting firm. Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC engages with its clients and understands their business requirements so we can provide them the best possible solutions, custom-tailored for their specific needs. We do not try to be all things to all people, but focus on those areas where we can bring our years of expertise in solving challenging problems to the table. While we take full advantage of all the latest technology, we believe in maintaining one-to-one business relationships with our clients to fully understand their needs.

The specialty consulting firm advantage means

  • Direct access to project managers and company principals
  • Always knowing you are an important client
  • Flexibility in project management options
  • Senior and principal level people with years of experience working directly on your project – not delegated to inexperienced staff level people
  • Ability to pull in outside resources who are experts in their field and have international experience
  • Low overhead (we focus on providing quality services, not fancy offices)


Southeast Hydrogeology provides timely, innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to client challenges in the areas of water resources and environmental assessments. 

Too often in today’s business world, customer service is a forgotten issue. Not so at Southeast Hydrogeology. We listen to your needs and develop solutions that benefit you. We go out of our way to understand your business and timetables, so we can meet all your requirements. And, we stand behind our work. If we ever fail to meet your requirements, we will do whatever is necessary to make it right.

Client responsiveness is the hallmark of our business. Whether it is a tight deadline or an innovative solution to an ongoing problem, Southeast Hydrogeology can meet and overcome whatever challenges face our clients. While we take full advantage of all the latest technology, we also believe in maintaining personal business relationships with our clients to fully understand their needs.