North Beach Levee Relief Well Rehabilitation Project

This project was conducted as part of an IDIQ contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project consisted of well rehabilitation of 50 levee relief wells in Sacramento County, California. The relief wells ranged from 33 to 60 feet deep. The contract required rehabilitating at least three wells per day. The rehabilitation process consists of an initial video log, followed by a brushing and swabbing process, followed by removal of material and then verification of the rehabilitation process by performing a short pumping test (using transducers in the pumping well and two adjacent wells) and determination of specific capacity. A final video log was also conducted. Terms of the contract specified that if the pumping test failed, that we would be responsible for additional rehabilitation at no cost to the USACE. All wells were adequately rehabilitated in the allowed time with no additional rehabilitation required. The success of the project was due to development of a system that allowed progress from well to well while setting up subsequent tests. This was one of several levee relief well rehabilitation projects we conducted under the USACE IDIQ contract.

Forest Ranch Mutual Water Company Hydrogeological Assessment

This project consisted of a well siting study for a test well to replace a well impacted by E. coli. A groundwater study was prepared which identified specific productive intervals within the volcanic bedrock sequence underlying the site. A water balance was developed based on current and future water usage in the general area of the mutual water company’s wells. Based on this information, a test well design was developed, including target well depths, plans for disinfection and water quality testing to determine the viability of completing the test well as a production well.

Community Water System for Non-Profit Business

Development of new water supply sources for expansion of operations of a small non-profit organization. Services included a well siting study to identify locations with the best potential for target pumping rates in a granitic bedrock, supervision of well installation, well disinfection, a 10-day pumping test, Title 22 water quality testing, modeling of pumping test results, preparation of a hydrogeological report for the State Water Resources Control Board and County-level permitting for the water system.

Silver Oak Cellars Well Testing and Cumulative Impact Study

This project consisted of the development of a new water supply well for a new winery operation in a designated water scarce area in Sonoma County, California. Services provided included a pumping test on the new well, water quality sampling, pumping test data modeling and preparation of a hydrogeological report for submittal to the California Department of Public Health. A Cumulative Impact Study was also prepared that documented groundwater mounding and nitrate loading rates from the leach field proposed for the facility.

Fulton and Marconi Redevelopment Project

Accelerated site assessment and remediation of a former retail petroleum site for a national pharmacy chain store location. Assessment included a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment; subsurface investigation of several locations on the site including the UST site, a dry cleaner, a machine shop and several printing facilities; soil vapor sampling within the footprint of the proposed pharmacy building, remediation pilot testing and construction of a soil vapor extraction/air sparge system. After a little more than a year of focused remediation, the site was granted closure under the State of California Low Threat Closure Policy.