Agricultural Services

Southeast Hydrogeology, PLLC’s agricultural consulting services focus around agricultural water resources development, crop health analysis and soil nutrient and moisture assessment.

Agricultural water supply often has different needs than residential or municipal water supply. Agricultural water needs tend to be more seasonal, which means there may be specific maintenance issues that come from seasonal uses.

Crop health analysis starts with remote sensing data derived from commercially available satellite imagery or produced by low-level drone imagery collection. The data is processed to produce Normalized Vegetation Difference Index (NDVI) imagery to assess vegetation health. Depending on the type of crop or the physical conditions, variants of the NDVI may be used. The remote imagery analysis can pinpoint areas of poor crop health based on the ratio of reflected light in specific narrow bands. Routine analysis can also be used to identify crop health trends over time. If an area of poor crop health is identified, the process of ͞ground truthing͟ is used to identify the specific issues, which could be related to disease, low soil moisture or lack of specific soil nutrients. Specific on-the-ground tests can be employed to identify any issues and develop corrective action recommendations.

Drone Surveys

Southeast Hydrogeology uses drones with both high resolution visible light cameras and special sensors detecting near infrared and other narrow band wavelengths to develop remote sensing data to document crop changes over time and to assess vegetation health. We maintain a commercial drone pilots license which allows use to conduct commercial use flights with our drones.

Crop Health Analysis

Utilizing remote sensing data from both satellite imagery and drone imaging, Southeast Hydrogeology assesses crop health using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) analysis or other indexes as appropriate for the crop types being analyzed. Problem areas are then assessed on the ground through visual observations and, if appropriate soil moisture or nutrient analysis to pin-point problems and develop solutions for areas with poor crop health.

Ag Water Supply

Southeast Hydrogeology provides an array of water resources development services for the unique demands of the agricultural industry, including groundwater resources evaluations; well location studies; hydrogeologic well logging; geophysical log interpretation; well design; .well construction and development observation; aquifer tests and analysis; and well rehabilitation consulting. Our experience includes water supply development for wineries and a range of other crop types.

Services Include

  • Agricultural groundwater development
  • Crop health assessment
  • Soil nutrient analysis
  • Crop health progress over time
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